Post-sales services

Deliver a professional services engagement for your customer, and never miss out on an opportunity with our Residency service. We deploy highly-trained and certified resources to be on-site whenever you need them, whether for short-term or long-term projects.

We offer expertise in a wide range of products and technology skills and with more than 300 agents across Australia and New Zealand we can deliver on any vendor in your portfolio or service offering.

Benefits to you

Residency gives you the resources and technical expertise you need to offer your end-user virtually any solution. Vendor-certified engineers let you deliver a range of professional services to your customers, from requirements definition and analysis to handover and knowledge transfer.

Help when you need it, wherever you need it

Help when you need it, wherever you need it

Arrow ECS ANZ vendor-certified, experienced engineers are on-site, so they’re there when you need them. And we provide worldwide coverage.
Any project, any solution

Any project, any solution

We offer resources and staff augmentation for short-term and long-term projects.
Streamlined interactions

Streamlined interactions

We act as your representative when dealing with your customers, so your brand remains paramount.
Broad expertise

Broad expertise

Expertise in: requirements definition; solution design; integration and build; installation and deployment; upgrades; and more.

Deliver the highest quality professional services

Residency gives your technical expertise and staff levels a boost so you can help your customers implement virtually any solution, working with any vendor. Never miss out on an opportunity again with Residency.

  • On-site vendor-certified engineers deliver support when you need it
  • Resources for short-term and long-term projects
  • Highly-trained, experienced engineers deliver unparalleled service
  • We protect your brand by acting as your representative when dealing with your customer

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300+ highly trained and certified agents available across Australia and New Zealand

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