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Varonis protects the world’s most sensitive information from the inside out. It was founded to give companies more visibility and protection for their high value information. The Varonis platform collects, stores and analyses metadata non-intrusively in real-time on major platforms that store unstructured data. It was architected from the ground up by a team of technologists with deep domain expertise and the hunger to tackle massive problems.


Simplify the supply process and minimise your cost of sale by consolidating your purchasing from smaller suppliers.
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Run a successful POC

Need to run a proof-of-concept? Arrow has a tried and tested POC program that will ensure you get a successful POC every time.
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Pre-sales service

Meet any customer requirement with a minimum of fuss and technical expertise including complex configurations and rollouts.
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Install base analytics & management

Cross-sell and offer upgrades, refreshes, feature attachments, and license renewals proactively.
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Marketing & business development

Make the most of available vendor funding with a menu of lead generations and marketing programs.
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