Ordering Guide

Arrow ECS ANZ requires a valid Purchase Order (PO) for each product and/or service order. No order will be processed without a valid PO.

A valid PO must contain the following information:

  • All POs should be on the purchasing company’s letterhead and/or bear the corporate logo.
  • POs should be addressed to:
    Arrow ECS Australia Pty Limited
    6/39 Herbert Street
    St Leonards, NSW 2065
  • POs should be sent to:
    E-mail: ecsanz.orders@arrow.com
  • Invoice To Name & Address:
    The full legal company name and mailing address
    Including name, telephone, email of contact and Company ABN
  • Ship to address:
    Physical Delivery Address
    PO Box Numbers are NOT acceptable
    Including name, telephone and email of contact
  • Please make sure all POs include the following information:
    PO Number (Quote Number is NOT acceptable)
    PO Date
    Arrow ECS ANZ Quote Number
    List each product being ordered
    Include Part Number, Product Name, Quantity, Unit Price and Extended Price
    PO total excluding GST
    GST amount
    PO total including GST
    Currency – AUD unless otherwise specified
    All pricing must be in the same currency as the
    Special Instructions – any other special instructions related to the order or delivery
    Signature – if your PO document provides for a signature it must be signed (electronically produced POs do not require a signature)

For other requirements and vendor-specific requirements, please download our Purchase Order Requirements Guide.