Some technology is essential to a business in the same way that walls and a roof are essential to a house. These technologies, while vital, don’t deliver the competitive advantage that businesses need today in order to grow. For this, businesses need disruptive technologies that enable innovation and competitive advantage.

Arrow ECS ANZ focuses on advanced and emerging, and therefore disruptive, technologies. We also deliver reference architectures and other integrated solutions through PODs (Product-on-Demand) and CloudPODs. We integrate storage, servers, networking, applications, security and more into a validated, integrated solution that addresses contemporary business problems.


Technology can be delivered through one of three pathways (1) traditional resale (2) service provider or managed services (3) and metered, or true cloud. All three are valid, but the channel needs to be able to deliver across all three to remain profitable and relevant.

All of these pathways deliver technologies that solve contemporary business problems. Arrow ECS ANZ is focused on providing partners the technologies, systems, services and tools to ensure they can participate and be profitable in any of these pathways, including the most recent disruptive pathway – cloud.

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Traditional resale
Traditional resale
Service provider
Service provider
True cloud
True cloud

Revolutionising the sales cycle with LEEP

LEEP™ (Land, Expand, Extend, Protect™) is a channel engagement strategy that is revolutionising the sales cycle. It provides our partners with systems, tools, products and programs that ensure they remain relevant to their customers. It helps them take on a consultative role that delivers relevant business propositions to solve their customers’ contemporary business problems.

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LAND every opportunity with our:

  • Online configuration, quote and order systems;
  • channel services; and
  • technology solutions and pathways

Make the most of your existing customer base by offering them upgrade, refresh and feature attach opportunities, using our Install Base Analytics & Management service. Don’t wait for your customer’s solution to go end of life – proactively provide them the unsolicited upgrade opportunity.

Mine your install base for cross-sell opportunities using our Install Base & Analytics Management service. Don’t let the competition get to your customer – give them unsolicited proposals on complementary technologies.

Finally, if there are no further opportunities to EXPAND or EXTEND, you can PROTECT your customer by ensuring their licence and maintenance renewal is managed effectively and efficiently through our IBAM service.


Arrow ECS ANZ has made it possible for partners to proactively consult with their customers to expand their technology investment by developing unique systems that let partners mine their installed base in a way that is scalable.

Over the past decade we have collected data relating to a range of advanced and emerging technologies, or disruptive technologies, transacted through Arrow ECS ANZ, and we know: how the technology was acquired; who acquired the technology; who sold the technology; and how it was sold.


IBAM enables you to maximise growth, revenue, and profits from your installed base. It lets you run campaigns, maintain a live, accurate history of every product you’ve sold with a complete audit trail from order to delivery, and automatically generate licence renewal quotes before they expire.


ChannelControl is an online transaction and enablement resource centre that ensures a partner can ‘land’ a deal successfully. It is a real real-time online configurator that provides accurate partner-specific pricing; advance hardware replacement; access to evaluation stock and more.


ChannelGateway offers two key online ordering and payment systems: the B2B Gateway and the ArrowSphere Billing Engine. It is a custom-designed and custom-built online tool that streamlines transactions, letting you order online easily, processing orders faster and more accurately.