How tech is supporting business and people in unprecedented times

26 Mar 2020

When the going gets tough, the tough get going. This quote couldn’t be more true for technology, especially in the context of business and people.

We’re looking at some of the ways virtual technology is enabling business continuity and the flexibility and efficiencies we need to go about our day-to-day lives.

Remote collaboration, conferencing and learning

Cloud-based communication tools are proving extremely valuable, as workplaces try to strike a balance between employee safety and business productivity.

Many workplaces are encouraging (if not asking) their staff to embrace modern workplace technologies so they can work from home and stay safe during these unprecedented times.

For many employees, working remotely is already an attractive option; it frees time that is usually spent on the commute and can be a flexible solution for employees with family responsibilities.

From an enablement perspective, these technologies allow workers to conduct virtual meetings and interviews, and connect and collaborate with teammates – all online, securely, regardless of their location.

With these benefits combined, modern workplace technologies can lead to employee satisfaction and business productivity. At least that’s the research from a study conducted by Fortune, which you can read about here.

How technology is providing value amdist the Coronavirus

The workplace isn’t alone in shifting operations online; in fact many tech companies are adapting their conferences to virtual events.

Education providers around the world are also embracing cloud-based technologies in response to travel bans and quarantines, with many schools, colleges and universities hosting their classes online.

Business continuity

A comprehensive business continuity plan is one of the key ways businesses can mitigate the effects of an unexpected disaster, emergency or crisis.

Virtual technologies, such as cloud solutions and VPNs, are an essential part of any business continuity plan which, when implemented properly, should sustain critical business operations in the short to medium term. But technology is only part of the solution.

Ultimately, business continuity plans should eliminate the need to scramble when an emergency occurs. A business continuity plan should take into account:

  • An organisation’s critical businesses processes and risk profile. This includes how long the organisation can withstand system downtime and an understanding of the external and internal threats to identify and prioritise the recovery of systems and data
  • Provisions to equip staff with the technology infrastructure and policies they need to work remotely, securely
  • A comprehensive security strategy, including security awareness training that educates staff on internet scams such as phishing emails
  • Communication guidelines to establish how staff will communicate in the event that there is a disruption to the internet service or there is technological breakdown
  • Who is responsible for updating and executing the business continuity plan.

Unfortunately, not all businesses have a plan in place; according to a Mercer study, 51 per cent of organisations around the world do not have a business continuity plan in the case of emergencies or disasters.

What’s more, creating and implementing a plan takes expert consultation, research and time. This is where partners have an opportunity to step in as a trusted advisor and offer support.

Partners can play an active role by engaging their customers early and providing guidance on remote infrastructure, security and policies to mitigate business disruption and risk.

Technological support

Several tech companies are ramping up their support of products and promotions to help people and organisations in light of the current pandemic.

The following list outlines some of the technologies and promotions being offered by our vendors to support businesses and people during this unprecedented time (be sure to click on each link to learn about the promotion and the terms and conditions):

Arrow: Enablement when you need it most

At Arrow, we are passionate about enabling our partners to deliver leading technology solutions.

We offer a range of professional enablement services to help you:

  • Scale and augment an organisation’s existing remote access infrastructure
  • Integrate solutions into an organisation’s identity and access management system
  • Secure solutions that protect company information and reduce risks.

We also provide consultation on how organisations can leverage their technology investments to implement an environment that supports remote access, covering:

  • Business continuity planning
  • Cloud migration
  • Security strategy.

Talk to us today to for guidance and support on secure technology delivery that supports people and business.