Embracing the Silicon Valley State of Mind

15 Jul 2016

If you haven’t peeled yourself away from a computer lately, Silicon Valley is HBO’s hit TV series that follows a small group of techies as they build their startup, Pied Piper, in Silicon Valley.

If you watch it, you would have seen SimpliVity‘s flagship product, the OmniCube, making its debut featured appearance back in May 2016 as the Pied Piper Box. You can read why here.

A lot of us at Arrow ECS ANZ are big fans of the show, and given that we work only with innovative and emerging technologies, we can relate to the show’s incredibly accurate depiction of start-ups and it’s ‘techies’.

For our resellers, we thought we would share with you a blog ‘Embracing the Silicon Valley state of mind’, by SimpliVity.

Embracing the Silicon Valley state of mind

“Silicon Valley’s popularity likely stems from the show’s authenticity in depicting tech culture, as the mind-set of Silicon Valley, is not limited to the Bay Area—it’s in Boston, Austin, Seattle, New York, Berlin, Sydney, Toronto, Singapore, among a myriad of other locales. There’s even the Silicon Prairie in the Midwest of the US.

This is all to say that Silicon Valley isn’t just a point on the globe; it’s a state of mind. Those of us in the technology industry are united by a common outstanding (and in some cases insane) work ethic, creativity, and the desire to address customer needs and wants with new innovative technology. This is true at SimpliVity as it’s true at tech companies around the world. The SimpliVity team strives every day to push the limit of technology and to simplify IT by converging all IT infrastructure and data services below the hypervisor, with up to 3 x TCO savings against legacy and cloud alternatives.

On the show, the Pied Piper team also aims to push the limits of technology by developing a software-based “middle out” algorithm that promises to deliver lossless compression to reduce the amount of data sent over the network while still providing a high-quality end-user experience.

On Episode 1 of Season 3, Gilfoyle, one of the developers on the show, innovates in another area of “compression” by coming up with the acronym RIGBY which means “Richard is Great But You Know.”

According to Gilfoyle, RIGBY is a “dictionary patch to compress all the nice guy stuff” when having critical discussions about a colleague.  Jack Barker, the new CEO,  also introduces his own innovation, the Conjoined Triangles of Success, a framework he developed which he refers to several times in his discussions with Richard.

In the same spirit of silly innovation, the Conjoined Triangles of Success did inspire us to introduce the Triangle, Overlapping Rhombi, and Inner Cubed Hexagon of Hyperconvergence via our social channels. With plenty of episodes to come, we will have our eyes glued to our devices to see how Pied Piper deals with all of the new developments introduced by the change of leadership, new team members, and new office.  The potential shift to developing an appliance version of the platform, which just got introduced in Episode 2, could lead to some intriguing story lines going forward. It will also be interesting to see if the writers and cast can continue to capture the Silicon Valley state of mind while making the show appeal to non-techie and techie audiences alike.”

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Content in this post was taken from SimpliVity’s blog, written by Katie Curtin Mestre. To access the full article, click here.