How to grow your cloud business

27 Mar 2019

One of the most talked about benefits of the cloud is its ability to drive significant cost savings. But despite this, many businesses struggle to reap the savings and, in some cases, may spend more than necessary.

So how do you grow your cloud business and avoid unnecessary spend?

Here are five ways to maximise your cloud investment.

1. Assess and map

When it comes to cloud economics, knowledge is power: the more you know about your business needs and infrastructure, the better chance you’ll have at determining the right cloud configuration and spend. That’s why thorough assessments are so important.

How to grow your cloud business

We recommend: BitTitan HealthCheck for Azure

This tool scans on-premises virtual machines to provide data that demonstrates the true ROI of migrating to Microsoft Azure.

The data outlines processes needed for a smooth migration and also helps to identify upsell opportunities.

To access BitTitan HealthCheck for Azure, register for ArrowSphere

2. Migrate and test

You’ve assessed the situation, mapped the new configuration and you’ve made the move to the cloud. Now it’s time to get the insights you need to optimise your set up (this comes later).

Businesses can gain deep insights into the system requirements needed to run a stable workload in the cloud by performing load testing within the first two to three months. This testing could cover application dependencies, workload compatibility and capacity planning for optimised performance.

The insights you gain over the first few months will be critical in helping to refine your configuration to optimise performance and reduce the transactional and operational costs of running and maintaining applications in the cloud.

For migration support, take advantage of Arrow’s Cloud Readiness Assessment service

3. Refine and optimise

There are a number of cost management and analysis tools that can help with fine-tuning your cloud configuration.

We recommend: ArrowSphere

ArrowSphere is our easy-to-use cloud marketplace that enables you to easily deliver cloud services to your customers while driving profitability.

Using ArrowSphere, you can leverage the FinOps Engine to track, manage and optimise Microsoft Azure consumption for all your subscriptions. You can also:

  • View daily or monthly usage trends split per customer or per vendor category
  • Export monthly usage reports for all your customers and subscriptions
  • Predict end-of-month consumption
  • Define a budget threshold
  • Send automated notifications when a customer is close to reaching their budget threshold.

To see ArrowSphere in action, book a complementary ArrowSphere demonstration.

4. Take advantage of Microsoft rebates

Silver and Gold Microsoft partners can benefit from a range of competencies designed to prove your expertise so you can reach more customers.

These competencies also provide financial benefits in the form of rebates, so you can maximise profitability and ROI.

If you’re unsure what stream is right for you, Arrow can help guide you in the right direction.

For support on your cloud practice, book a complementary cloud strategy session.

5. Unlock value in retired assets

Once you’ve migrated your customer to the cloud, there’s an opportunity to unlock hidden value in their retired infrastructure.

Arrow Value Recovery is a unique service where we assess your customer’s infrastructure and provide a quote to buy it back.

As a partner, you can include the recovered value into your cost model and pass on the financial rewards to your customers.

To unlock hidden value, leverage Arrow Value Recovery.

As a trusted Microsoft CSP, Arrow is committed to helping partners take their cloud offering to the next level.

By partnering with Arrow for Microsoft, not only can you deliver one of the most effective cloud solution portfolios, you can access leading services that quickly put you on the road to success.

Talk to us today about Arrow’s Microsoft CSP program.

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