Case study: Accelerating growth in the cloud

29 Aug 2019

As Microsoft’s Indirect Provider of the Year 2019, Arrow is committed to helping partners grow their Microsoft CSP businesses.

This case study demonstrates how Arrow enabled its partner, Secure Measure, to build and develop its Microsoft cloud practice, and secure a major deal with a gaming client.

Learn about the benefits of partnering with Arrow for Microsoft and how you join Arrow’s Microsoft CSP program.

The client

Secure Measure is a cybersecurity consultancy that helps organisations build a safety-first culture to protect against deliberate and inadvertent security threats.

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The requirement

Having just started out as a business, Secure Measure required expert advice and support in growing its cloud business. A key requirement to this was a licensing solution that would support its new security offering, FreshPoint, which had been built around Microsoft Intune. The solution provides end-to-end compliance and security for staff computers, enabling them to maximise productivity while using cloud automation to reduce business costs by up to 75%.

The licensing solution would need to deliver operational efficiencies and an outstanding user experience for their customers, including the ability to provision licences quickly from their own branded cloud marketplace.

The solution

Upon recommendation from one of Arrow’s partners, CNS, Secure Measure engaged Arrow to become a Microsoft CSP.  According to Martin McGregor, Secure Measure Co-Founder and CEO, a key factor in this decision was having access to ArrowSphere: Arrow’s award-winning cloud marketplace.

“ArrowSphere has enabled us, and our customers, to quickly and easily procure Microsoft licenses and have better visibility and control over cloud usage and spend,” Martin said.

Since joining Arrow’s Microsoft CSP program, Secure Measure has continued to engage Arrow’s cloud team for pre-sales support, including technical expertise.

This value-add has paid off significantly, helping Secure Measure land a major deal with one of its biggest clients.

“Our client was interested in our FreshPoint offering, but also needed a solution that would allow them to provision licenses quickly,” Martin said.

“The client was growing fast, with five new starters a week, so finding a solution to accelerate time to market to provide better customer service was a key factor in their final decision in working with us.”

To help close the deal, Arrow’s Cloud Business Manager Denham Williams flew to Melbourne where he met with the team at Secure Measure and their client.

At the meeting, Denham provided technical expertise around the solution, explaining to the client exactly how ArrowSphere would translate into the business outcomes they were seeking to achieve.

The result

By partnering with Arrow for Microsoft, Secure Measure was able to access a simple yet comprehensive licensing solution and leverage Arrow’s cloud expertise to secure a major deal.

“Thanks to Arrow, we now have a one-stop-shop for all of our Microsoft licensing requirements, which has allowed us to expand as a business,” Martin said.

“What’s more, whenever we’ve been unclear about something, Arrow has provided the knowledge and expertise in a considerate and timely manner.

Arrow helped us secure the deal by proving our value, aligning us with the right vendors and reinforcing our status as a trusted advisor.

The partnership has also reaped a number of benefits for Secure Measure’s client, the biggest one being the reduction in lead time for licensing.

“ArrowSphere has enabled our customer to massively reduce the time it takes to get a new license. What was taking them up to a week can now be actioned within 10 minutes,” Martin said.

“ArrowSphere has also given our customer the ability to manage their licenses, usage and spend through a single pane of glass, which perfectly aligns with their needs of visibility and control.”

Joining Arrow’s Microsoft CSP Program is easy and the benefits are vast.

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