Powering the sales lifecycle: Marissa Orap

06 Jul 2018

Marissa Orap has a spark that lights up a room. She’s always full of life and dressed in colour; she loves fashion and can quite often be found busting out the words to her favourite song of the moment.

When she’s not singing in the office stairwell, she’s training her vocal chords as a soprano in her local church choir. As a youngster, she had big dreams of being an actress or a singer. Then the internet came and changed everything.

“I still remember when people called it ‘the worldwide web.’ It was an exciting time and I knew I wanted to be a part of it in some capacity. That’s what drew me to the world of IT,” Marissa says.


Marissa works at Arrow as an Internal Sales Representative (ISR) – a post she’s enjoyed for the past 11 years. It’s a demanding job, requiring a passion for working with people and unsurpassed organisational skills. Both traits run in Marissa’s blood: she is frequently commended for her exceptional customer service and commitment to delivering the best possible outcome for partners and vendors, alike.

“The biggest value-add of an ISR is being able to provide partners with the information they need to proactively deliver value to their customers,” Marissa says.

It’s about giving partners accurate quotes and relevant incentives with speed and efficiency, so they can advance deals throughout the sales lifecycle.

Prior to joining Arrow, Marissa worked for Oracle and HPE, and graduated with a degree in Information Technology (Business Systems) at the University of Technology, Sydney.

For Marissa, the best thing about working at Arrow is the dynamic industry with like-minded people.

“The thing I like most is the people I work with. This extends to partners and vendors, who in my eyes are an extension of the team; it’s a symbiotic relationship where we help each other to achieve our goals,” Marissa says.

Marissa also appreciates having a sense of purpose in her role, something she says extends to her everyday life.

There’s no sense of purpose if you’re doing something with no end goal. My mantra is to start something, follow through and achieve.

When the pressure’s on and time can make or break a deal, Arrow has the right mix of people and processes to ensure your interests are met.

If you’re working with Arrow, you’re working with people who will go above and beyond to deliver the best possible outcome for you and your business.

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