Humanising finance: Mya Foxall

28 Sep 2018

Every Tuesday and Thursday morning, Mya Foxall wakes up at 3.50am on the dot for her morning cycle. It’s an early start for a 20km ride, but it’s a passion that keeps her at the top of her A game. As a full-time working mother of one, Mya has a lot on her plate. But anyone that knows Mya will quickly attest that she’s the most organised person you’ll come by.

Mya Foxall

When she’s not cycling or co-parenting, Mya might be found rock climbing in the Blue Mountains with her husband. During the week, she works at Arrow’s Sydney office as a Financial Controller. Mya says it’s a unique role that most people would be hard-pressed to explain. Put simply, a financial controller is responsible for the financial health of a company. But Mya is taking this role to new heights, and she’s challenging stereotypes along the way.

“There’s a misconception around what finance people do. Many people picture a quiet, anti-social team sitting in a corner crunching numbers. But the reality is far removed,” Mya says.

“We’re not gatekeepers. We’re enablers providing support to the business in a way that benefits all parties, including our partners and our vendors.”

Mya says one of the biggest value-adds of Arrow’s finance team is providing insights that deliver competitive advantage to get complex deals across the line.

Mya also contributes value by going beyond the accounting and finance functions to understand Arrow’s sales, operations and marketing functions. When asked about the best part of her job, Mya doesn’t talk numbers. She says it’s building rapport with internal and external stakeholders, and contributing to positive outcomes for partners and vendors alike.

As a team leader of four direct reports, Mya is equally passionate about fostering talent through coaching and professional development. She provides regular mentoring to all her reports and works closely with them to build their profiles in and out Arrow.

“Building relationships, growing the profile of my team and supporting Arrow’s business strategy are the most rewarding aspects of my job,” Mya says.

“I also love challenging the notion of what a finance department is about. My team does not fall under traditional finance stereotypes. They’re funny, talented, smart and innovative individuals committed to providing support to produce meaningful outcomes for our colleagues, vendors and partners. And that’s what we do.”

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