Fast Five: Q&A with Jeff Clynes

14 Dec 2018

From servicing cars to selling tech solutions, Jeff Clynes has enjoyed a multidimensional career over the years.

Get to know more about Jeff and discover his value-add in this quick Q&A.

As Arrow’s New Zealand Sales Manager, explain your role in helping partners and their customers accelerate business growth.

My role is to ensure that we all go above and beyond to look after our partners. I do this by leading my team and helping them to take the best technology solutions to market so our partners can remain competitive and relevant. A major part of this involves providing enablement and making sure our partners are across any commercial offerings that will help them to become more profitable. I also ensure the solutions we take to market are tailored to produce the desired business outcomes. These solutions often comprise multi-vendor technologies that our competitors can’t match.

How has your career in ICT progressed to where it is now?

I started out as a mechanic before moving into car sales and eventually into IT. I held sales positions at Fuji Xerox and Camnet Ricoh before joining Westcon as a Client Manager and later as a Vendor Business Manager, looking after Check Point and Blue Coat. In 2016, I joined Arrow ECS ANZ as a Channel Development Manager and was later promoted to New Zealand Sales Manager. What drew me to Arrow was the way they went to market was very much aligned with how I operate. I’m not the kind of person to sit back and wait for things to happen. I prefer to be proactive and to interact with people to get things done, and that’s exactly how Arrow operates.

What would you do if you weren’t in sales?

I would run my own fishing charter boat. I’d be on the water every day, enjoy the amazing resources we have around us and I’d show other people from around the world what it is that makes New Zealand so special.

Jeff Clynes

What’s the biggest change you’ve seen in the ICT industry?

Businesses using IT to provide a competitive advantage rather than just a business operating platform is without doubt the biggest change. Today, businesses use IT to create a better user experience that will ultimately give them a competitive edge in the market. IT is no longer just something that sits in house to run internal systems. Businesses are keen to invest in technology especially if it means giving customers a better experience.

What sets Arrow apart in New Zealand?

We’re truly focused on our partners and providing solutions that meet their needs. We have longstanding relationships with our partners and access to the best vendor technology. We operate with a high level of productivity, so much so that we’ve become known for enabling technological change and advancement.

We don’t just distribute technology, we enable innovation.

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