Arrow Fast Five: Q&A with Julie Malcolm

28 Apr 2020

Seek first to understand and then deliver. That’s the approach Arrow’s Julie Malcolm takes in helping vendors achieve their goals. Get to know Julie and find out what makes her tick in this quick Q&A.

Fast Five - Julie Malcolm

1. How do you define distribution value from a vendor management perspective?

Having come from ‘vendor land’ I have a slightly different perspective on what value distribution offers.

Distribution is more than being an extension of a vendor’s sales or technical team. It’s about understanding what success means to each vendor and their respective partners, and how best to help them achieve their goals.

At Arrow we are lucky to have an amazing team culture whereby everyone contributes to the vendor’s success.

2. Tell us about your entry into the IT industry and what inspired you to pursue a career in this field.

A fortuitous conversation with a great recruiter 15 years ago kickstarted my career in this industry. I had always worked in sales and the idea of being able to develop my skills working with a tech startup in security was too good to refuse.

The new skillsets and varied relationships I’ve built over the years, across both partner and vendor teams, have enabled me to continue to enjoy my roles.

The technology is constantly changing and it’s been great to see many more women entering this field.

3. In your experience, what’s essential for building and nurturing strong channel relationships?

Everyone has different expectations or demands in their roles, so the ability to actually listen to what’s being said and to work together to make a difference to the outcome is a great starting point.

Be engaged, and blend your skillsets, experience and personality into the role.

Try new things and don’t be afraid to fail. More often than not, people will appreciate that you have the will to help them win and the passion to not give up.

Above all, be honest as it’s your brand that’s on the line and people have long memories.

4. What’s the one technology or app you can’t live without?

Spotify! I love listening to music – it’s such a great way to relax. It also helps when you’re doing those business plans and you can change the song to suit your mood.

5. Finally, what would you do if you weren’t working in IT?

That’s easy – I’m a huge book lover so given the chance I would own a little bookshop in my local community. The shop would stock an eclectic range of books and include a children’s reading corner.

To complete my perfect space, I’d add some comfy chairs and lounges for coffee and cakes in the morning, and wine and cheese in the late afternoon. Not that I’ve thought about it that much… 😊

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