Arrow Fast Five: Q&A with Jason Lee

01 Apr 2020

Arrow’s Senior Accountant Jason Lee plays a key role in providing support to the business, both from a strategic and a financial perspective. He’s also a massive basketball fan. Get to know more about Jason and learn more about his role at Arrow in this quick Q&A.

1. Other than crunching numbers, what does your role as a senior accountant entail?

I view my role as a support function for the overall business. Whether it’s assisting the operations team with processing issues, providing GST advice to the quoting team or guiding the sales team through a detailed analysis on margins on deals. Essentially, anything that can help improve processes, save money and simplify tasks for all of our business departments.

2. How has technology transformed the practice of accounting?

Technology has definitely helped enhance our capabilities and improve our processes. ERP systems are increasingly being migrated to the cloud, which means we can work effectively from anywhere in the world.

New innovative software such as PowerBI has also had an impact, allowing us to easily communicate financial information effectively to stakeholders with no financial background.

Technology is growing by the day and I feel it will continue to enhance our capabilities to provide value as accountants.

3. What are the biggest values you see the accounting function as serving?

I see the core function of account as providing assistance with corporate strategy, providing advice, reducing costs and improving the bottom line. At the same time, I feel there is more to it than people think.

Professional accountants have oversight over all matters relating to a business’s financial health, which includes driving the strategic direction of the business as well as analysing, creating and communicating this information.

Budgeting and forecasting is a huge part of any business and I believe this provides tremendous value, regardless of what type of business you are running. But accounting is definitely more than crunching numbers and approving expenses.

4. If you could invite two tech leaders or innovators to dinner, who would you chose and why?

My dinner invite would go to Bill Gates and Elon Musk. It would be interesting to listen to both of these individuals have a conversation!

5. Finally, what would you do if you weren’t working with numbers?

I love playing and watching basketball, and I really enjoy being in a team atmosphere. That said, I think I would be involved in some sort of support function on a major basketball team or possibly coaching.

I enjoy providing a service to people and making people happy, so anything that involves teaching would be ideal.

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