Arrow Fast Five: Q&A with Carl Razzouk

22 Jan 2020

Since joining Arrow in 2013 Carl Razzouk has been adding value to the channel by providing an outstanding customer experience when it comes to order fulfillment. Learn more about Carl, his role as Warehouse Supervisor and the passions that make him tick in this Fast Five Q&A.

Arrow Fast Five - Carl Razzouk

1. Tell us about your career to date and how have you progressed to where you are now?

My first role in warehousing was at a furniture company where I managed all inbound and outbound furniture orders and inventory management.

I joined Arrow in 2013 (then Distribution Central) as Warehouse Coordinator and was promoted to Warehouse Supervisor in 2018 after having taken on extra responsibilities and expressing interest in career progression.

I was becoming increasingly involved with our partners and suppliers, was taking on international shipments and I was reducing warehouse costs for both Arrow and our customers, which combined afforded me an opportunity to develop my career within the business.

Today I’m responsible for overseeing and coordinating my team’s progress on warehousing, inventory as well as international and domestic shipments.

I’m also responsible for reporting back to the business and ensuring all our shipments are on target, so that our customers receive their goods on or ahead of time.

2. What are some of the most significant changes you’ve seen in IT distribution since you entered the industry?

One of the most significant changes has been the uptake of cloud technology in place of hardware. As a result, there’s been a reduction in physical equipment coming through the warehouse.

This shift aligns with the trend of businesses undergoing digital transformation in an effort to become more competitive. Distribution is no exception.

At Arrow, we’ve been able to maintain our competitive advantage by adapting to change.

Our success is based on delivering value to our partners, so it’s important for us to be agile in everything we do, whether it’s going the extra mile to fulfill a complex delivery requirement or automating an internal process to improve efficiencies.

3. What sets Arrow apart from a warehousing capacity?

Arrow’s organisational structure combined with our unique services offering enable us to deliver an efficient service to our partners.

We deliver quick turnarounds, accurate forecasting and complete visibility and communication to our partners and their customers to ensure the best experience around order fulfillment.

4. What technology is exciting you at the moment and why?

Autonomous driving! I’m passionate about cars and car racing, so it’s exciting to see what the future has in store for everyday driving and motorsports.

5. Finally, what would you do if you weren’t working in tech?

There are so many things I’d love to do but the main one would be studying sports science and nutrition, becoming a personal trainer and owning and running a gym.

At Arrow, we are passionate about translating complex technology into tangible solutions that guide innovation forward.

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