Arrow Fast Five: George Kritikakis

31 May 2019

Fast Five: George Kritikakis

With more than 12 years’ experience as Arrow’s Logistics Manager, George Kritikakis is passionate about supporting partners and vendors through first-class distribution. Find out more about George’s role at Arrow and how he delivers value.

1. Tell us about your role. What happens behind the scenes in warehousing and logistics?

I manage the operation of our Australia, New Zealand and Singapore warehouses and all international and domestic shipping to and from our region. I work with our sales and operations teams to create strong relationships with our vendors and partners. I enjoy the relationship bit the most and it delivers results.

Our warehouse team is key to delivering value to our channel partners.

We develop strong partnerships with our vendors and partners and focus on solving their commercial problems.

We start with what the customer needs and based on that we provide our partner with the best solution to help them become more competitive and relevant.

This could be managing the complexities of international shipping, dealing with import and export requirements and supporting our hardware replacement service to protect the customer’s business.

2. What has it been like working at Arrow for over 12 years?

There hasn’t been a week at Arrow that I haven’t learnt new things. I’m very appreciative of the personal development I’ve had working here. I’ve worked with some of the most friendly and professional people you could meet.

3. What are your passions outside of Arrow?

I’m an accomplished musician, amazing chef, part-time photographer and most importantly dedicated husband and father. I spend my time playing the ukulele and singing to my daughter. I’m pretty sure she wants me to stop but it’s fun for me and I’m learning how to play the instrument.

4. What drew you to the world of IT?

Logistics and warehousing has always been my thing and what drove me to the IT industry specifically was the fast pace at which it’s changing, developing and growing all the time.

5. Finally, tell us what you would do if you weren’t working in IT?

Great question. EVERYTHING! I would do something that my inner child loves to do, such as volunteer to help others. I love interacting with people as this allows me to learn the art of giving. Compose music… I would love to write a musical based on the play The Crucible; write poetry; draw.

I love travelling and visiting ancient ruins. My favourite destination so far is the world’s oldest Stonehenge, Karahunj (Armenia), which is over 7000 years old.

George Kritikakas

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