Tech in 2019: channel trends to watch

09 Jan 2019

There are countless articles on the technology trends of 2019 and beyond.

But in many ways, 2019 won’t be about technology.

It will be about providing solutions that drive digital transformation. Arrow’s Managing Director Nick Verykios says industry consultation combined with technology will play a key role in achieving this.

The technology that will dramatically transform businesses is here, but it needs to be turned into solutions so that the user gets the digital transformation outcomes they are looking for.

Tech in 2019 - Nick Verykios

“Gone are the days of just supply and procurement. The good news is that barrier to entry is now significantly higher. Therefore, partners can finally charge what is necessary and of value to their customers, and make sure that this transformational era isn’t just given away to the lowest bidder.”

There will be a number of trends that follow from this observation. Here are five technology and channel trends to watch in 2019.

1. Trust and collaboration

In 2019 we expect to see more trust and collaboration between managed service providers, vendors, technology experts and consultants.

As businesses seek to accelerate deployment of their solutions, they’ll need to enlist the right people with the right skill-sets to satisfy their customers.

Collaboration will be a necessity, not just a choice, in driving digital transformation.

2. Interconnected solutions

We also expect to see more integration of different technologies to simplify complexities and accelerate deployments.

In fact we’re already starting to see this, with many vendors embedding certain capabilities within their own platforms. Microsoft is a leading example, providing advanced security solutions within their cloud platforms.

At a higher level we’ll see more businesses adopt and integrate newer technologies, such as edge computing, hybrid cloud and IoT, as they become better understood.

Managed service providers will also change the way they do business by providing more specialised services that enable businesses to scale and standardise their offerings to achieve the desired business outcomes their customers demand.

3. Skills recruitment

As technology fast outpaces expertise, we’ll see businesses invest heavily in new skill-sets.

Demand for the data scientist will rise, as businesses look to capture, process and analyse their business intelligence for competitive advantage.

Tightened data protection regulations, such as GDPR, will also put pressure on businesses to recruit cybersecurity talent to not only ensure they are compliant, but they are working towards a future-proof security strategy.

4. Security/privacy-first culture

The fallout of GDPR will also see businesses change their mindset around cybersecurity. No longer will cybersecurity been seen as an afterthought. Solutions will be secure from design.

There will also be a culture shift, as businesses change their mentality towards customer privacy over security compliance.

As businesses ramp up efforts at delivering customer-centric solutions, cybersecurity will increasingly become a case of ethics over technology.

5. Multi-cloud adoption

In 2019 more businesses will adopt a multi-cloud strategy to maintain flexibility, lower costs, improve performance and avoid vendor lock in.

Hybrid cloud will continue to trend in 2019, as businesses look for flexible ways of securely storing their data at an affordable price.

Tech in 2019: channel trends to watch

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