Putting data first in IT solutions

29 Jun 2018

Steve Jobs once said, “You have to start with the customer experience and work backwards to the technology.” This quote continues to ring true, especially when it comes to selling outcome-based solutions over technology alone. This may not be new to you, but as data continues to drive change in our increasingly digital world, now is a prime time for channel partners to re-evaluate and refine their strategy to harness the data opportunity.

Redefining solutions with data

With the explosion of data, it’s no longer enough to define a solution as a means of solving a business problem. Arrow ECS ANZ General Manager – Sales, Daniel Danielli, says data has redefined the solutions landscape, and partners need to adapt.

“Partners need to re-evaluate the types of solutions they’re selling, because the solutions from 10 years ago aren’t what customers are looking for today. Now it’s about how you can monetise the competitive advantage from data,” Daniel says.

“Most of the data coming from organisations is cold, meaning it doesn’t get used again, which poses the question: how do we turn this cold data into actionable intelligence?”

Selling solutions2

Putting data first

Adapting to the changing solutions landscape requires a shift in thinking that puts data at the centre of the solution, rather than the end.

“The future of solutions lies in data-centric architectures driven by the Internet of Things, Artificial Intelligence and collaboration, which is something we’re already starting to see from our vendor community,” Daniel says.

Pure Storage is a vendor in point. The vendor recently championed data-centric innovation at its conference, Pure//Accelerate 2018, with a range of new solutions that enhance and simplify an organisation’s ability to use data for intelligence and create a competitive advantage.

Our vendors Cohesity and NetApp are also making noise around data innovation.

Cohesity’s DataPlatform, a hyperconverged secondary storage solution, is a prime example, allowing users to consolidate and manage all their secondary data at web scale, while providing data management functions for data protection and analytics.

Meanwhile, NetApp are amplifying its focus on digital transformation with solutions that leverage the cloud and artificial intelligence to drive efficiency and competitive advantage.

Enabling data-centric solutions

As a channel partner, you can help your customers leverage data by engaging their marketing and service delivery divisions.

“Partners need to be talking to other parts of their customers’ organisations, going beyond the CIO and IT managers, to determine where the data will actually transform their products and services,” Daniel says.

From there, partners can engage Arrow to help take the data conversation further.

We help partners deliver data-centric solutions by translating complex technology into measurable, outcome-driven elements that meet specific customer needs.

“We are increasingly expanding our offering as a value-added distributor to a technology enabler. Our adoption of emerging and advanced technologies, such as the Internet of Things, means we can help partners monetise data, From Sensor to Sunset™.”

Contact us to discover how we can enable you to deliver data-centric solutions for your customers so you can remain relevant.