SecureAuth: Secure access without compromise

What is it?

The SecureAuth Intelligent Identity Platform uses adaptive authentication, single sign-on and portal protection to help secure user access and identity. This platform is used by leading organisations to secure workforce and customer identities across hybrid, on-prem and cloud environments.

Why should you care?

One of the biggest threats and possible entry points into organisations are weak, default or stolen credentials (usernames and passwords).

From cracking passwords to malware that captures keystrokes from an infected device, to buying them on the dark web, obtaining credentials is in every criminal toolbox, from lone wolf hackers to government funded overseas groups.

These strikes are not just effective, but swift too; attackers can compromise systems in minutes. The infiltrated organisations, on the other hand, typically can take weeks or more to discover the breaches.

How does it work?

By layering two-factor and adaptive authentication, the SecureAuth Identity Platform eliminates cumbersome extra steps to provide smooth and convenient access for users and a multi-layered defence for the organisation.

Just one set of credentials opens the door to all applications and all on-premise, mobile, cloud, and VPN resources via a secure and burden-less user experience.

  • Implement pre-authentication or adaptive authentication techniques: Adaptive authentication can check the risk of a user’s IP address, device, geo-location and other factors, to verify users; only if risks are present are users burdened with an additional authentication step.
  • Develop, analyse and score risk profiles for user groups: Risk is contextual. Not all user groups are created equal. By creating different authentication processes for different user types, your security program can analyse diverse threats and workflows and apply appropriate levels of security to step up or step down protective measures as necessary.
  • Automate actions based on risk: By understanding specific risk levels, your system can take automated actions such as allow access with username and password, deny access outright, send requestor to a safe zone/honeypot or ask for additional authentication steps.
  • Use other identity signifiers instead of passwords: Device recognition, unique keystroke identifiers, geo-location and valid IP addresses are harder for criminals to obtain, duplicate or steal. Instead of relying only on passwords and multi-factor authentication, IT teams should implement controls that cannot be compromised as easily – so that even if credentials are compromised, the risk is still severely reduced.

Differentiation in the market

SecureAuth is made unique by the following:

  • Flexible deployment options for on-prem, cloud and hybrid
  • Ability to handle CAC/PIV (US Government and Military IDs) requirements
  • Product flexibility and capability to integrate into complex ecosystems and on-prem environments
  • Most MFA method choices
  • Most adaptive risk checks
  • Most federation protocols.

How do you position and sell it?

Understanding your customers’ business goals and technology requirements is paramount to finding a solution tailored to their needs.

Knowing when to position the SecureAuth Intelligent Identity Platform will help you win.

Here are some of the key benefits of SecureAuth to talk to:

  • Gather identity intelligence to make better access decisions by analysing device, location, IP address, and behaviour to better understand who wants access
  • Increase security without impacting users with more pre-authentication risk checks than any other vendor
  • Deliver the right access control with nearly 30 MFA methods to choose from
  • Tailor authentication experiences to different user types and systems
  • Maintain productivity and reduce help desk calls with user self-service tools
  • Improve user experience and protect against password fatigue with single sign-on
  • Optimise, rather than replace, existing security investments
  • Deploy your way by choosing between hybrid, on-prem, or cloud delivery
  • Simple administration with reusable objects that enable you to build once and reuse often to save time. Any changes propagate automatically without further effort.
  • Security: Multi-factor authentication, adaptive authentication, infinite workflows and intelligent identity cloud
  • User experience: Single sign-on, 24/7 user self-service and risk checks = less MFA steps and 30 methods = choices
  • Deployment: Hybrid, on-prem, cloud, simple administration, intelligence dashboard and APIs and integrations.
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