HPE Nimble dHCI: Storage solutions for data management

What is it?

HPE Nimble dHCI is a platform that brings together the best of hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI) and converged architectures to give an intelligent, disaggregated hyperconverged architecture with simplified management on a flexible platform with independent scaling of compute and capacity.

Why should you care?

The HPE Nimble dHCI solution allows you to sell a complete infrastructure solution instead of selling individual server and storage components.

HPE Nimble dHCI is an ideal solution for customers who are either:

  • Looking to do a hardware refresh from existing 3-tier or other converged or HCI environments
  • Have existing or are moving to a VM-centric environment
  • Are weary of complex management silos
  • Want to convert get more value from their HPE Proliant server environment
  • Want to avoid disruptions and deliver fast and predictable application performance
  • Want to have the ability to self-upgrade and self-install
  • Have the ability to backup and restore, and replicate VMs across sites with centralised management.

How does it work?

Hyperconverged infrastructure has revolutionised IT, delivering an experience that radically simplifies how infrastructure is managed, deployed, and scaled. It’s an architecture ideal for workloads with predictable growth as compute and storage scale together.

HPE Nimble Storage dHCI extends the hyperconverged experience to workloads with unpredictable growth, allowing independent scaling of compute and storage. This gives enterprises the flexibility of converged and the simplicity of HCI – accelerating time-to-market on an architecture built for the unpredictable.

Differentiation in the market.

HPE Nimble dHCI is:

  • Simple to deploy: With simple setup in five steps, HPE Nimble dHCI can be ready to use VM-centric data services in 15 minutes using server and storage automation, based on HPE Proliant servers, new or existing, and HPE Nimble Storage array.
  • Simple to manage: HPE Nimble dHCI has easy to use VM-centric management through VMware vCenter.
  • Simple to scale: The ability to scale compute and storage independently, and to have it auto-discovered and add the new resources to the solution, transparently upgrading the solution, when required.
  • Simple to support: HPE delivers a predictive and proactive support experience with HPE InfoSight, giving 99.9999% measured data availability. Predictive analytics and AI-ops that predict and prevent 86% of issues before they occur, and direct call to L3 HPE Nimble Storage Support for your customers peace of mind.

How do you position and sell it?

Partners can use the HPE Elevator pitch to position and sell HPE Nimble dHCI.

If you want the simplicity of HCI, but need the flexibility of a three-tier architecture, then look at HPE Nimble Storage dHCI. This platform brings together the best of HCI and converged architectures together to give VM admins effortless management on a flexible platform with independent scaling of compute and capacity.

HPE and Arrow can help to propose, size, configure and install a customised HPE Nimble dHCI solution for you and your customers. Contact us to learn more.
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