Add value to your customers with Arrow’s Channel Services

27 Sep 2017

If there’s one thing you should know about our Managing Director, Nick Verykios, it’s that he’s passionate about adding value to people’s lives. This passion underpins Arrow’s value proposition as an IT distributor.

“To be useful, you have to add value, which means giving someone something that they cannot do without. If you are not doing that, you are not being useful.”

Our Channel Service offerings have been designed to add value by providing you with the tools, expertise and everything in-between so you can deliver above and beyond expectation.

We offer partners comprehensive, personalised and dedicated solutions that ensure the highest quality of pre- and post-sales professional services, transaction optimisation and marketing development.

Our range of Channel Services is wide and varied, so we’ve highlighted five areas that can create an immediate benefit for your customer.

1. Staging

Our state-of-the-art staging room allows our technical experts and partners to configure, test and upgrade all hardware and software before it is delivered to the end user. We also ensure all the correct equipment is delivered to the site and works correctly.

A good example of how our staging has benefitted partners is our work with Unify. We offer a pre-staging and Quality Assurance (QA) service for Unify OpenScape Business X3, X5 and X8, which covers the preliminary configuration, licencing and upgrades. This service allows Unify partners to install pre-configured systems quickly and efficiently, saving time and money.

Learn more about our Staging service.


2. Channel Support

Our Channel Support team assists you so that you are always the expert in your customer’s eyes. From knowledge transfer and remote/onsite assistance to customer demonstrations and system design/configuration, we’re ready to help.

In fact, we have dedicated Channel Support services for various vendors, including Palo Alto Networks, aimed specifically at helping partners deliver valuable support services to their customers. Our Channel Support service for Palo Alto Networks is a dedicated 24×7 Technical Assistance Centre that ensures your IT infrastructure is supported to minimise downtime and reduce impact to productivity.

Learn more about our Channel Support. 


3. Advanced Hardware Replacement

When your customers experience downtime due to network failures, we can replace and deliver hardware the next business day in most capital cities. In addition, we can collect the faulty unit and return it to the manufacturer at no extra cost. This advanced service can be delivered one of two ways, depending on the product required:

  • We ship a replacement product to the customer
  • We ship a loan unit that the customer can use until their replacement unit arrives.

We offer Advanced Hardware Replacement (AHR) services for several vendors, including Sophos. Our AHR for Sophos covers any applicance with the exception of access points and UTM accessories, so long as it has valid vendor maintenance. We can also cover existing hardware, so long as there is proof the unit is in working order and under current Sophos maintenance.

Learn more about our Advanced Hardware Replacement. 


4. Brokerage

We offer partners a brokerage service to help consolidate, simplify and fast-track purchasing from multiple manufacturers anywhere in the world, importing from almost any country, in any currency.

Learn more about our Brokerage service.


5. Residency

We have more than 300 agents across Australia and New Zealand who can assist with technical projects where resources might be lacking. Our agents are highly skilled and are available for both long and short-term projects.

Learn more about our Residency service.


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