Why IoT demands a holistic approach

13 Dec 2017

Faster, better, smarter. The Internet of Things (IoT) is super sophisticated, not least for its potential to bring partners new pathways to market. But to successfully deliver and sell IoT solutions to customers, a fundamental shift in thinking is required.

There are a number of concerns to address: capturing new data, securing it, making sense of analytics and, the big one, determining the ROI. At the heart of these concerns is the challenge of delivering complete end-to-end IoT solutions. For example, a business might offer the latest devices, but fall short on delivering application support. It’s a disconnect that can significantly slow down the ability of organisations to bring their IoT solutions to life, resulting in lost revenue or continued inefficiencies.

Arrow ECS ANZ General Manager – Sales, Daniel Danielli, says successful implementation of IoT requires a holistic approach.

“The challenge is that different capabilities for all IoT technologies and services rarely exist within a single organisation. For IoT to be successful, a new set of partnerships must form to combine skills, technologies and resources to deliver a single outcome,” he says.

Daniel says Arrow’s IoT offering, From Sensor to Sunset™, bridges the gap between IoT capabilities and technology to provide end-to-end IoT solutions that drive digital transformation.

Arrow’s From Sensor to Sunset™ approach allows partners to seamlessly deliver complete, accurate and innovative IoT solutions that enable customers to monetise their competitive advantage from the data within their organisation.

“Our expertise combined with our vast supplier network puts us in a unique position to deliver complete IoT solutions; we have more than 300 repeatable
ready-made solutions, allowing partners to save the time and energy of integrating resources to generate a single outcome.”

Arrow eVolve: Powering IoT, From Sensor to Sunset™

As an official Microsoft CSP, Arrow last month exhibited its IoT capabilities at the 2017 Microsoft Summit in Sydney.

When it comes to IoT, Arrow prides itself on delivering solutions, from Sensor to Sunset™. What does this mean? It means Arrow combines the core IoT building blocks – sensors, wireless, gateways and cloud – with its service capabilities – which include everything from ideation to end-of-life technology sustainability – to deliver a complete solution.

It’s a holistic approach designed to solve various unique business challenges, whether it’s connecting the unconnected or building a new IoT platform from scratch, so customers can use their data to make productive decisions.

The following visual demonstrates Arrow’s end-to-end IoT offering.

Arrow evolve

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The Internet of Endless Possibilities

Arrow is already using IoT to generate value in various industries, from agriculture to automotive and beyond.

In Australia, Arrow recently partnered with a major convenience chain store to help them better manage energy consumption. In doing so, Arrow provided the sensors to measure refrigeration temperature, and the monitors to regulate the temperature and reduce energy consumption. Using the data, the convenience chain store was able to limit downtime and food spoilage by notifying maintenance workers of temperature irregularities instantly, thereby eliminating any significant business impact.

In the US, Arrow is working with Microsoft to develop solutions that can quickly capture and deliver data to first responders to save lives. Using applications delivered by Arrow, the Microsoft HoloLens can deliver crucial telemetry and biometric data to first responders as they arrive at the scene of an accident.


Having an understanding of the emergency situation so far in advance would allow the paramedic to act with a degree of knowledge and speed that could be the difference between life and death.

With a holistic approach, the possibilities of IoT are endless. For Arrow, it’s about improving operational efficiencies, differentiating products, improving customer service and creating new and improved revenue streams.

Whatever the IoT dream is, Arrow can help throughout the journey.
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