How to innovate with IoT

03 May 2018

The possibilities of IoT are vast, but for many, the question of how to innovate with IoT remains.

Here are some examples of how Arrow has invested in IoT to drive innovation for businesses around the globe.

Keeping livestock healthy

We worked with a dairy farmer to create an IoT solution to allow him to detect illness in his cattle before symptoms appear.

How to innovate with IoT

Our IoT solution allows the farmer to measure the temperature of his cattle and receive automatic alerts each time a spike in temperature occurs. Thanks to our IoT solution, the farmer has the power to quarantine his cattle early to prevent disease transmission. It means he can safeguard the health of his cattle and avoid the costly widespread use of antibiotics.

Improving wine quality

We provide grape growers with moisture sensors and data analytics, so they can optimise irrigation. Our IoT solutions allows growers to cut costs on water and produce higher quality wine.

Reducing food waste

Food waste is a significant concern for retailers. By combining smart sensors and data analytics, we created an IoT solution to help a national retailer reduce food waste and refrigeration maintenance costs.

Cutting overheads

We work with manufacturers to create IoT solutions that allows them to conserve energy and reduce operational costs associated with some of their biggest overheads, such as machinery. Our solutions combine temperature sensors, power controls and predictive analysis to provide the insights needed to eliminate machine downtime and increase throughput.

How to innovate with IoT

IoT possibilities

Gartner predicts there will be 21 billion connected devices by 2020.

Just imagine the possibilities.

From coffee makers and thermostats to smart cities and connected cars, IoT is effectively turning every ‘thing’ into an opportunity.

Futurist Chuck Evanhoe has spoken extensively about this subject, asserting that IoT will make humans more productive.

“By sensing the things in our world, systems will be better able to keep running without human intervention” – Evanhoe.

One area where IoT poses infinite possibilities is the health sector. By harnessing and combining both telemetry and biometric data, IoT could provide first responders with the data they need to treat victims at the scene of an accident. The data, and the speed in which it is delivered to first responders, could ultimately be the difference between life and death.

Ready to innovate with IoT?

At Arrow, we have the technology, expertise and partnerships to help you to create, connect and deploy IoT solutions.

We are passionate about driving innovation to deliver positive outcomes, and we achieve this through our From Sensor to Sunset™ offering.

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