A case for hyper-converged infrastructure: cost benefits explained

05 Dec 2017
This is part two of a two-part series on HCI. Click here to read part one.

Dispelling fears around high costs

A common concern regarding HCI adoption revolves around high upfront costs. The counter argument to this is that HCI delivers cost savings in the long run.

Brian Thomas is Arrow’s HPE Business Partner Solutions Architect. As part of his role, he offers partners solutions on how to best address their IT challenges.

He says HCI can save businesses money in the long-term.

“HCI helps reduce business costs by simplifying the data centre environment.”

“The simplified nature of HCI translates into lower operating costs, such as power, cooling and heating. In a traditional environment, businesses need to calculate storage, compute and networking into the total cost of ownership (TCO), whereas HCI combines storage and compute to reduce TCO.”

Brian cites HPE SimpliVity as a cost-effective HCI solution owing to its ability to bring simplicity to the complexities of the traditional data centre.

Arrow has been enabling partners to sell HPE SimpliVity since 2014, when Arrow (then Distribution Central) introduced the vendor to the ANZ market. At the time, SimpliVity was a standalone company; HPE bought the company in January this year.

Two key differentiators of HPE SimpliVity are its end-to-end data protection and automated disaster recovery, which results in more recovery points. Customers are able to roll back a crypto-locker breach in under two minutes, saving them days and potentially thousands of dollars in lost productivity.

HPE SimpliVity’s HyperGuarantee also presents a major competitive advantage.


When positioning HPE SimpliVity, talk to the HyperGuarantee, which promises:

  • 90% savings capacity across storage and backup combined.
  • Under one minute to complete a local backup or local restore of a 1TB VM.
  • Three clicks to back up, restore, move or clone a VM from a single console.
  • Under one minute to create or update backup policies for thousands of VMs across dozens of sites.
  • Ability to add or replace HPE SimpliVity systems with zero downtime for local or remote sites.

Arrow has extensive expertise in HPE SimpliVity; we have long worked closely with the HPE SimpliVity team, providing proof-of-concepts, demonstrations, training, partner enablement, lead generation, certification and sales engagement. These services are designed to help partners maximise the HPE SimpliVity opportunity.

Alternatives: converged infrastructure

When it comes to distinguishing HCI from CI, most IT professionals will agree the difference lies in scalability: HCI can be independently scaled with storage and compute, unlike CI, which has to be scaled evenly.

Businesses might choose CI over HCI where they’re looking for fast deployment and low upfront costs. A good example of a solution that delivers both is FlashStack CI by Pure Storage.

While not strictly HCI, FlashStack is a flexible, all-flash converged infrastructure solution that combines the latest in computing, networking and storage components into a single architecture.

Taking a streamlined approach to IT infrastructure, FlashStack takes highly efficient components (such as Pure Storage Flash Array) to reduce costs associated with data centre space, while accelerating time to deployment. Another key benefit is its ability to scale without disruption or data migration; businesses can expand incrementally, one component at a time, as required.


FlashStack can be used for all budgets and company sizes, from SMBs to enterprise. Specifically, it can be used for:

  • Business-critical applications
  • Private cloud infrastructure
  • Virtualised and bare-metal workloads
  • Data protection and copy management
  • Virtual desktops.

The competitive advantages of FlashStack CI are summarised below:

  • Streamlined: FlashStack CI allows you to simplify data centre operations and manage everything from the one place, while reducing deployment risks and IT costs.
  • Flexible: FlashStack CI allows IT administrators to scale freely without downtime as business requirements change.
  • Transformative: FlashStack CI allows your technical resources to deliver more value and technical innovation to the business.
  • Built for the cloud: FlashStack CI integrates with cloud platforms from Cisco, VMware, OpenStack and others.

Partners interested in FlashStack CI can also benefit from Arrow Assist: a partner enablement program by Arrow and Pure Storage, which helps partners design, implement, integrate, migrate and operate FlashStack CI.

By combining the right technology with experience, capabilities and services, Arrow can help you tailor the right solution for your customer’s data centre needs.

Contact us to find out how Arrow can help you win opportunities with next generation data solutions.

This is part two of a two-part series on HCI. Click here to read part one.