Three ways to maximise cloud investments

07 Feb 2018

The cloud has emerged as one of the most revolutionary technologies of the 21st century. One of the most talked about benefits is its ability to drive significant cost savings. But despite this, many businesses struggle to reap the savings and, in some cases, may spend more than necessary.

Denham Williams, Arrow’s Cloud Business Development Manager, spends most of his time working closely with partners. He says the potential to overspend is a significant concern but urges partners not to be deterred.

Cloud computing has the power to transform businesses and save thousands of dollars in the long run. But it must be done right.

At Arrow, we pride ourselves on listening to our partners and providing them with the information they need to get the most out of their technology investments.

Here are three simple ways to maximise cloud investments, so you can deliver real value and profitability.


1. Assess and map

When it comes to cloud economics, knowledge is power: the more you know about your business needs and infrastructure, the better chance you’ll have at determining the right cloud configuration and spend. That’s why thorough assessments are so important.

We recommend: BitTitan HealthCheck for Azure

This tool scans on-premises virtual machines to provide data that demonstrates the true ROI of migrating to Microsoft Azure. The data outlines processes needed for a smooth migration and also helps to identify upsell opportunities.

The best part? We can run the assessment for you. Email our cloud team to find out more.

2. Migrate and test

You’ve assessed the situation, mapped the new configuration and you’ve made the move to the cloud. Now it’s time to run your systems to get the insights you need to optimise your set up (this comes later).

“During the first two to three months, we recommend users perform load testing to gain an insight into the system requirements needed to run a stable workload in the cloud,” says Denham.

“This includes application dependencies, workload compatibility and capacity planning for optimised performance.”

The insights you gain over the first few months will be critical in helping to refine your configuration to optimise performance and reduce the transactional and operational costs of running and maintaining applications in the cloud.

3. Refine and optimise

Many businesses are often surprised by their first cloud bill because it’s higher than the original quote. But herein lies the problem: the very nature of cloud computing is such that it can’t be quoted with 100% accuracy. As such, it’s important partners don’t make any promises they can’t keep when it comes to quoting.

Saving money from the cloud requires the right set up, and determining the right set up for your needs requires time and patience.

According to Denham, by the third cloud bill, businesses will have the insights they need to refine their set up so they can reap the cost benefits.

There are a number of cost management and analysis tools that can help with fine-tuning your configuration.

We recommend: ArrowSphere


ArrowSphere is a cloud marketplace that simplifies the cloud experience, so you can deliver secure and optimised services to your customers while driving profitability.

Using ArrowSphere, you can:

  • Display daily cloud service usage for each customer
  • Predict end-of-month consumption
  • Access detailed information on consumption and resource use
  • Export detailed usage reports for end-customer billing
  • Define a budget threshold
  • Send notifications if:
    • the actual consumption has reached the budget threshold
    • the predicted consumption will reach the budget threshold before the end of the month.


ArrowSphere consumption analytics. Click to enlarge 

Other useful tools

For comparing the cost of running apps in the cloud vs. on-premises…

For estimating your monthly cloud bill…

For cost management and optimisation…

Arrow’s certified team of cloud experts have the experience, skills and systems in place to ensure you reap every penny from the cloud.

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