Migrating to the cloud? Unlock value from retired assets

20 Apr 2018

Migrating to a cloud environment is a key step in digital transformation. The cost savings over time is one of the most talked about benefits, but what happens to the infrastructure your customer no longer requires?

Arrow has introduced a way for you and your customers to unlock value from infrastructure that needs to be retired early, should that be the case during a cloud migration.


Arrow Value Recovery

Arrow Value Recovery is a Sustainable Technology Solution that provides an opportunity to monetise hidden value from infrastructure that has either reached end-of-life or needs to be decommissioned early.

Upon request, Arrow’s Channel Services team will assess your customer’s infrastructure and provide a quote to buy it back. As a partner, you can include the recovered value into your cost model and pass on the financial rewards to your customers to help them drive innovation.

By investing in your customer’s retired infrastructure, Arrow can put these devices to work and prevent technology going into landfill.

Secure data removal

In addition to unlocking value, Arrow Value Recovery guarantees the secure disposal of data contained within your customers’ decommissioned infrastructure. Our technology lifecycle management services offer the highest security standards available, so you can eliminate data security risks and protect your customer’s reputation.

In the wake of the NDB scheme and the GDPR, both of which impose heavy penalties for data breaches, Arrow can help your customers remain compliant and avoid the risk of data compromise, providing peace of mind.

Partner opportunities

There are a number of opportunities for you, as a partner, to unlock value from your customer’s infrastructure, a key one being cloud migrations:

  • On-premises to cloud
  • Cloud to cloud
  • Hybrid cloud to PaaS or SaaS.

Each of the above scenarios provide an opportunity for you to incorporate the Arrow Value Recovery service into your solution offering. Arrow can incorporate this value-added service into your cloud migrations as an example of guiding innovation forward; customers can use the value recovered from their retired infrastructure to invest in complementary technology or to offset other cloud migration expenses. 

With Arrow Value Recovery, you can give your customers the support they need to drive digital transformation.

Contact us today to learn how we can give you a competitive advantage through value recovery.