Flying above and beyond: Emiyu Park

21 Nov 2017

We all have that friend. The one with countless hobbies who excels at everything they do. At Arrow, that person is Emiyu Park (also affectionately known as Emu).

When he’s not playing soccer or emptying the staff dishwasher (oh, he’s also quite the gentleman), he might be found rock climbing, running City to Surf, playing piano, scuba diving or watching ‘80s sci-fi flicks. Back to the Future is one of his favourites.


He’s also big on planes. Yep – he’s a member of the Royal Australian Air Force Active Reserve (RAAFAR), where he helps boost security efforts when needed.


In the office, Emiyu is Arrow’s Channel Services Coordinator for Australia and New Zealand. As part of this role, Emiyu is instrumental in managing relationships and projects in the Channel Services division. The role is no small feat; it means being 100% across our value-added services such as Brokerage, Residency, Staging, Advanced Hardware Replacement and Support, among others.

As the key contact between Arrow and the partner, Emiyu is finely tuned to the areas partners often require help. He firmly believes Arrow’s Channel Services offer partners value that helps them to grow as a business by overcoming gaps in their capabilities.

“At the heart of it, these services help partners take holistic solutions to their customers. They allow partners to offload some of the responsibility of the behind-the-scenes work, so they can focus on becoming more profitable, flexible and scalable,” Emiyu said.

On the job, he’s one of the first in and last out of the office, especially if it means making the partner happy.

“The best thing about my job is being able to provide a capability where no one else can. There’s nothing we can’t do.”

In addition to making the partner happy, Emiyu is genuinely passionate about the project coordination side of his work. In fact, he’s currently studying project management with the view to use his qualification to expand his role at Arrow.

“The Channel Services division at Arrow ECS ANZ is experiencing significant growth, and I’d like to be part of that through my aspirations for project management,” Emiyu said.

“I’ve cultivated a highly rational mindset through my role in the RAAFAR and here at Arrow as a Channel Services Coordinator. I firmly believe this mindset will complement the logical processes followed in the line of project management work.”

At Arrow, we understand the challenges and complexities of doing business and the importance of customer relationships. Our Channel Services can help you seamlessly deliver solutions to your customer.

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