Five IT predictions to note: Arrow’s outlook for 2018

05 Jan 2018

Now 2017 is behind us, we’re diving head-first into 2018 with some IT predictions for the coming 12 months from our Managing Director Nick Verykios, along with inside commentary on how we’re adapting to change as a business from our ANZ executive team.

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From left: Finance Director Andrew Vaughan, General Manager – Sales Daniel Danielli, Managing Director Nick Verykios, Marketing Director Lisa Stockwell, Operations Director Mathew Mornington-West and Sales Director Andrew Assad.

Nick’s top 5 IT predictions for 2018

  1. “Resellers will integrate emerging and advanced technologies with legacy and traditional IT to create solutions that solve contemporary business problems.”
  2. “Businesses will realise their tangible IP resides in their data, and as such, will seriously tighten and upgrade their security.”
  3. “Businesses will realise the competitive advantage of their data and will therefore invest more heavily in their data mining capabilities.”
  4. “Artificial Intelligence (AI) will drive mass customisation to solve problems and improve people’s lives.”
  5. “More businesses will transition to a hybrid IT environment.”

As an early adopter of advanced and emerging technologies, Arrow is at the forefront of enabling partners with innovation, so they can go to market and extend the opportunity quickly and profitably. Here’s how Arrow will enable partners to achieve more in 2018.

Arrow’s exec. team talks 2018

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Andrew Assad, Sales Director: “Our focus in 2018 is bringing IoT and IT together. We’re focused on distributing and bringing to market the technologies that enable our traditional IT resellers to realise the IoT opportunity through our computing and components businesses, so they can extend their offering.”

Lisa Stockwell, Marketing Director: “Our focus for 2018 is on providing the right partnerships, education, training and skills to enable our partners to leverage new technologies in order to build sustainable, repeatable and profitable business solutions.”

Mathew Mornington-West, Operations Director: “From an operations perspective, using AI is about improving operational efficiencies and cost controls through incremental benefits. AI can help us by automating mundane processes. In 2018, we’ll look at the potential of AI to increase efficiencies in the warehouse and in our quoting system. For us, it’s about keeping people’s hands free and putting information that’s relevant to them, in front of them.”

Daniel Danielli, General Manager – Sales:Gartner has predicted there will be 20.4 billion connected devices by 2020. The data output is exponential and the only way to handle this is through automation. Internally, we’re looking for technologies that have automation; stayed tuned – we have some exciting announcements around this coming up.”

Andrew Vaughan, Finance Director: “As more businesses transition to hybrid IT environments, we’ll see more customers move to Opex purchasing models. ArrowSphere and other invoicing modules enable us to offer flexible billing alternatives. From a finance perspective, 2018 will be all about ensuring our business practices continue to cater for all billing models.”

Providing partners with end-to-end solutions

Nick says providing complete solutions that solve contemporary business problems is the prime focus for 2018, and that Arrow is well placed to deliver.

“We’re light years ahead in our ability to execute end-to-end solutions. Through components, integrated solutions and systems as well as asset retirement, we can enable resellers to bring advanced opportunities to market for long-term growth,” he says.

What do you want to achieve in 2018?

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